* Project Members and Friends

Here you will find more about people, who make it possible. People, who spend sleepless nights coding, writing guides and hosting games to deliver you the fun of playing VGA Planets. Blessed are those guys, for they make the world spin and the starlight shine on us ;-) Note: this page is for personal information, for links to the actual work refer to links page.

* Developer Emeritus

Andrew Sterian.
Who knows, maybe he'll be back some day, let's hope... In a mean time, visit Andrew's lair to honor the major contributor to the Portable Host Project.
Alex Ivlev.
Alex[fuzzy] is the author of VPA, the client of choice for hundreds of xUSSR players. He was also the most respected moderator of FIDO echo-conference VGA.PLANETS and still holds one of the top ten places in xUSSR players rating list.

* Active Developers

* Honorable Players