* Links to the Outer Space

This page is your ultimate source of VGA Planets related stuff. Here you will find links to host- and client-side software, guides and development tools. Visit often and refresh. You can also check our page of unsorted links.

* Highlights

Stefan Reuther's pages.
Some host-side and client-side tools. And, of course, PCC: probably, the only client that supports built-in scripting.
Home of Plist 2, VPI, some addons and tools.

* Developer Support

Stefan Reuther's VGAP programmer's page.
The File Format List is a somewhat complete description of both host-side and player-side file formats, plus the data files of some 3rd party utilities.
Roger Burton West's VGAP developer page.
He is/was working on the Open Source VGAP Toolkit (toolkit.zip) for DJGPP.
Maurizio Benvenuti's pic.
pic converts resource.pln to .bmp and back.

* Host-side Tools and Addons

Alex Babanov.
FlagWar is a Team Fortress-like referee for Planets. StarPlan is a Perl script that creates xyplan.dat based on real images.
Kero van Kero van Gelder's page.
Hosting scripts (script33.zip) for the bash shell.
Roger Burton West's website.
He has written a few small self-contained VGAP utilities like Broker (broker.zip), HostUFO (hostufo.zip) and Stunrace (stunrace.zip).

* Player-side Tools

Kero van Kero van Gelder's website.
JVPC is the Open Source client for VGAP3 written in Java (early alpha version).
Roger Burton West's page.
Shipname (shipname.zip) gives you automatic ship renaming, using customized name lists for each separate class of ship. Overseer (overseer.zip) is a prototype VGA Planets automation utility, allowing pre-defined ship movements and other actions.