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* Introduction

Phost/contrib is a directory of Open Source contributions for the Portable Host Project (AKA PHost). Phost is an improvement over the PBEM game VGA Planets' original host. PHost is portable, rock solid and flexible. The goal of Phost/contrib project is to support PHost team initiative with quality addons and tools.

We invite developers, spec/doc writers, beta testers and just people with twisted minds to join our project. Step in and make a difference!

You may find out more about the original game, PHost and PHost/contrib joining the PHost developers' mailing list.

* Project News

October 31, 2004

May 1, 2004

Sep 16, 2003

Mar 12, 2003

Sep 09, 2002

Oct 10, 2001

Apr 4, 2001

Mar 29, 2001

Feb 24, 2001

Feb 16, 2001

Feb 10, 2001

Feb 7, 2001