* General Concept

This webpage is designed to be lightweight and functional. It should be accessable with all major browsers (and lynx). No heavy graphics should be used and all picture links should have explanatory alt tags.

* Guidelines

  1. Run cvs update in you work directory before you start.
  2. Copy/paste whenever you can.
  3. Use silent (lower-case) tags.
  4. Be nice, close all tags that are supposed to be closed.
  5. Be kind, provide descriptive alt tags for all picture links and alt="*" for all other pictures.
  6. Use big (48x48) images for navigation and small (36x36) in text [index].
  7. Use width/height tags for pictures, set border tag to zero for picture links.
  8. Place recent events on top of old ones.
  9. Double-check that all links work.
  10. Again, copy/paste and try to maintain one style in .html.
  11. Run cvs commit in you work directory after you finish.
  12. Login to SF shell account and run cvs update in /home/groups/phost-contrib/.
  13. Finally, run perl convert.pl in the same directory.